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  • Metal & Wood

    Through this product line, Kian provides you with the opportunity to see what it is like to combine metal and wood. The results are appealing, unique and glamorous dining room as well as bedroom sets.

    Kian has different designs to choose from, so you will always have something new to pick from.

  • Teak Wood

    From the different types of wood available in the market; Teak Wood is known for being the most durable wood in terms of withstanding elements. This is the result of the oil and rubber naturally found within the wood.

    Kian has different assortments of Teak Wood sets that you can choose from. From outdoor tables to relax chairs, all that you need for your garden will be found at our stores.

  • Accessories

    Through this product line Kian tries to bring out that inner distinctive you. Whether you like decorating your house with plain accessories or you like that special Asian and Indian touch; you will find it only at Kian.

    Kian gives you a wide variety of different accessories usable at different occasions and settings.

  • Grills

    Kian is introducing its new summer Grills for outdoor entertainment whether for cookouts or barbecue, the grills will definitely meet your needs. Barbecue grills is part of a fresh summer product line including indoors and outdoors Fans and Garden Lights.

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